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  • “Efficient inference of recent and ancestral recombination within bacterial populations.”
    R. Mostowy, N.J. Croucher, C.P. Andam, J. Corander, W.P. Hanage & P. Marttinen
    Molecular Biology & Evolution: in press (2017). Preprint.
  • “Horizontal DNA Transfer Mechanisms of Bacteria as Weapons of Intragenomic Conflict.”
    N.J. Croucher, R. Mostowy, C. Wymant, P. Turner, S.D. Bentley & C. Fraser
    PLoS Biology 14(3): e1002394 (2016). Request reprint.
  • “Heterogeneity in the frequency and characteristics of homologous recombination in pneumococcal evolution.”
    R. Mostowy*, N.J. Croucher*, W.P. Hanage, S.R. Harris, S.D. Bentley & C. Fraser
    PLoS Genetics 10(5): e1004300 (2014). Request reprint.
  • “Host-parasite coevolution induces selection for condition-dependent sex.”
    R. Mostowy & J. Engelstädter
    Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25(10): 2033–2046 (2012). Request reprint.
  • “Evolution of Stress Response in the Face of Unreliable Environmental Signals.”
    M. Arnoldini*, R. Mostowy*, S. Bonhoeffer & M. Ackermann
    PLoS Computational Biology 8(8): e1002627 (2012). Request reprint.
  • “Non-genetic inheritance and the patterns of antagonistic coevolution.”
    R. Mostowy & J. Engelstädter & M. Salathé
    BMC Evolutionary Biology 12:93 (2012). Request reprint.
  • “Estimating the fitness cost of escape from HLA presentation in HIV-1 protease and reverse transcriptase.”
    R. Mostowy*, R.D. Kouyos*, I. Hoof, T. Hinkley, M. Haddad, J.M. Whitcomb, C.J. Petropoulos, C. Kesmir & S. Bonhoeffer
    PLoS Computational Biology 8(5): e1002525 (2012). Request reprint.
  • “The role of recombination for the coevolutionary dynamics of HIV and the immune response.”
    R. Mostowy, R.D. Kouyos, D. Fouchet & S. Bonhoeffer
    PLoS ONE 6(2): e16052 (2011). Request reprint.
  • “The impact of environmental change on host-parasite coevolutionary dynamics.”
    R. Mostowy & J. Engelstädter
    Proc. R. Soc. B 278: 2283–2292 (2011). Request reprint.
  • “On the evolution of sexual reproduction in hosts co-evolving with multiple parasites.”
    R. Mostowy, M. Salathé, R.D. Kouyos & S. Bonhoeffer
    Evolution 64: 1644–1656 (2010). Request reprint.

* Equal contribution

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