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  1. “Diversity-Generating Machines: Genetics of Bacterial Sugar-Coating.”
    R.J. Mostowy & K.E. Holt
    Trends in Microbiology 2018; 26(12): 1008-1021. Request preprint.
  2. “Pneumococcal Capsule Synthesis Locus cps as Evolutionary Hotspot with Potential to Generate Novel Serotypes by Recombination.”
    R.J. Mostowy, N.J. Croucher, N. De Maio, C. Chewapreecha, S.J. Salter, P. Turner, D.M. Aanensen, S.D. Bentley, X. Didelot & C. Fraser
    Molecular Biology & Evolution 2017; 34(10): 2537-2554. Request preprint.
  3. “Evolution of the Staphylococcus argenteus ST2250 Clone in Northeastern Thailand Is Linked with the Acquisition of Livestock-Associated Staphylococcal Genes.”
    D. Moradigaravand, D. Jamrozy, R. Mostowy, A. Anderson, E.K. Nickerson, J. Thaipadungpanit, V. Wuthiekanun, D. Limmathurotsakul, S. Tandhavanant, C. Wikraiphat, G. Wongsuvan, N. Teerawattanasook, Y. Jutrakul, N. Srisurat, P. Chaimanee, T.E. West, B. Blane, J. Parkhill, N. Chantratita & S.J. Peacock
    MBio. 2017; 8(4): e00802-e00817. Request preprint.
  4. “Efficient inference of recent and ancestral recombination within bacterial populations.”
    R. Mostowy, N.J. Croucher, C.P. Andam, J. Corander, W.P. Hanage & P. Marttinen
    Molecular Biology & Evolution 2017; 34(5): 1167-1182. Preprint.
  5. “Horizontal DNA Transfer Mechanisms of Bacteria as Weapons of Intragenomic Conflict.”
    N.J. Croucher, R. Mostowy, C. Wymant, P. Turner, S.D. Bentley & C. Fraser
    PLoS Biology 14(3): e1002394 (2016). Request reprint.
  6. “Heterogeneity in the frequency and characteristics of homologous recombination in pneumococcal evolution.”
    R. Mostowy*, N.J. Croucher*, W.P. Hanage, S.R. Harris, S.D. Bentley & C. Fraser
    PLoS Genetics 10(5): e1004300 (2014). Request reprint.
  7. “Host-parasite coevolution induces selection for condition-dependent sex.”
    R. Mostowy & J. Engelstädter
    Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25(10): 2033–2046 (2012). Request reprint.
  8. “Evolution of Stress Response in the Face of Unreliable Environmental Signals.”
    M. Arnoldini*, R. Mostowy*, S. Bonhoeffer & M. Ackermann
    PLoS Computational Biology 8(8): e1002627 (2012). Request reprint.
  9. “Non-genetic inheritance and the patterns of antagonistic coevolution.”
    R. Mostowy & J. Engelstädter & M. Salathé
    BMC Evolutionary Biology 12:93 (2012). Request reprint.
  10. “Estimating the fitness cost of escape from HLA presentation in HIV-1 protease and reverse transcriptase.”
    R. Mostowy*, R.D. Kouyos*, I. Hoof, T. Hinkley, M. Haddad, J.M. Whitcomb, C.J. Petropoulos, C. Kesmir & S. Bonhoeffer
    PLoS Computational Biology 8(5): e1002525 (2012). Request reprint.
  11. “The role of recombination for the coevolutionary dynamics of HIV and the immune response.”
    R. Mostowy, R.D. Kouyos, D. Fouchet & S. Bonhoeffer
    PLoS ONE 6(2): e16052 (2011). Request reprint.
  12. “The impact of environmental change on host-parasite coevolutionary dynamics.”
    R. Mostowy & J. Engelstädter
    Proc. R. Soc. B 278: 2283–2292 (2011). Request reprint.
  13. “On the evolution of sexual reproduction in hosts co-evolving with multiple parasites.”
    R. Mostowy, M. Salathé, R.D. Kouyos & S. Bonhoeffer
    Evolution 64: 1644–1656 (2010). Request reprint.

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