Join us!

The Microbial Genomics Group is now growing! We have just closed the first round of applications for a postdoc (see the original ad here), but we are always interested to have talented people join us.


If you are looking for a postdoc, you should already have some independent ideas for your research (at least at the preliminary stage). If you think our group is a good fit for you, please get in touch with us at and tell us why. We can then devise a plan for you to apply for semi-independent grants and fellowships for you to join us. If you’re already thinking about applying for one, even better! Alternatively, please wait for new positions being advertised on our website.


Talented and hard-working students are always welcome to get in touch with us at Please, have a look at what we do first and please write a short paragraph why you’d like to join our group in particular.

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